“Everyday an Object” is a series of design-objects from a collection of moments drawn from the past five-years for lead designer, Wendy W Fok. The series engages further on “everyday objects” that is inspired by the Michel de Certeau “The Practice of Everyday Life”— a book that Fok continually read throughout their undergraduate and graduate architectural studies. 

The series investigates various pairing of ‘everyday objects’ technically, formally, and theoretically, via multiple experimentation of physical and digital fabrication methods, techniques, and tooling, along with software exploration virtually in Augmented Reality (#AR) and Mixed Reality (#XR). With this series of design objects — beyond its personable and biographical take on ‘everyday objects’ – is also a selfish and novel project to playfully explore and learn deeper 3D digital tooling and physical production. Prototyping these pieces (all of which are around product scale) is a tangible means of fostering larger research and development in technique and production.

The physical design-objects will be produced in limited production runs in: treated Ceramic, Silver, Gold, and/or Porcelain.

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Everyday an Object

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Designed by
Wendy W Fok

LocationToronto, CanadaYear2020-2021StatusWork in Progress

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