Exploring topics of urban overcrowding, housing shortage and Hong Kong’s urban spatial experience as a microcosm of extreme social disparity. As 21st century cities have sprawled outward, with their spiralling behemoth ring-roads and expanses of suburbia, Hong Kong has instead expanded more deeply and densely into and unto itself – continuously cutting and creating more and more spaces out of its complex, congested urban fabric. Here, like nowhere else, entire global supply chains and systems of power are condensed into one metropolitan experience, from Guangzhou factories that supply the world’s consumer goods to the dominating international financial institutions that dictate global markets. As the world’s systems and structures become more volatile and complex, so too does Hong Kong. And so too does the resulting urban fabric of the city as it continues to expand into itself; its pockets of hyper-locality, the superimposition and segregation of contrasting cultural worlds, the widening extremities of the social classes, the mounting influence of Chinese empire encroaching on spaces of Hong Kongnese identity.

ClientPMQ deTour 2018LocationHong Kong, Hong KongYear2018-2019StatusComplete

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