In the future of urban living, as citizens of global cities, and the circular economy, we often-overlook the sources of the micro-biotic and digitally data embedded lives we live in. The future of cities is now; and the people powering that future live and work in cities, bringing their energy and ideas to bear on the unique challenges and opportunities of urban life.

Our design objects are a means to represent bio-data regarded matter within simple geometric vitrines, which contain vital bio-matter and bio-data about New York City. Through using bio-degradable materials and organic matter in the process of making, such as bacteria formed from mycelium, water tested e-coli, and glycerin embedded air particles, these objects use data sourced from the five boroughs of New York City represented as 3D visualized information, through digital fabrication methods. Each individual design object is carefully curated with active biomatter embedded with data that represents New York City, to critically provoke a dialogue between the microscopic biological and digital data embedded lives we live in.

Our Chapter “Bio-Data Matter of New York City” that our team researched, exhibited, and contributed to is released in ”DATA, MATTER, DESIGN: Strategies in Computational Design” published by Routledge. Edited by Frank Melendez, Nancy Diniz, & Marcella Del Signore.

ClientLa Biennale di Venezia Architettura Location Venezia, ItaliaYear2018StatusComplete

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